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Claudio Cardella Ernesto Zamattio Ottavia
A. H. M. Fairooz

Claudio, G.G. (GIA), is GemYes gemologist and appraiser.
Originally an academic in Aerospace Engineering, he has developed a special "twist" for gems and gemology while travelling around the world. He is in charge of classifying and certifiyng the stones that appear on this site. Currently he runs an independent gemological lab in Rome www.RomeGemLab.com.

Please feel free to contact him for any question, advice, or further information..

Ernesto is the GemYes buyer.
His experience in gem marketing is undiscussed, as gems have focused his life since he was 18, when he left Venice, his hometown, to become a globe trotter. Ever since he has been dealing with precious stones and has never stopped his wandering. Currently he is based in Goa, India.
Ottavia, G.G. (GIA), is the youngest member of GemYes team and a jewel designer.
She earned her Graduate Gemologist diploma in Bangkok where she had a chance to get in contact with Thai world known gem brokers.
Fairooz the GemYes man in Sri Lanka.
He belongs to one of the most important families of Sri Lanka gem dealers and mine owners. Very young he became a master cutter, and later a distinguished broker, licensed with (Sri Lanka) State Gem Corporation and approved by the Ceylon Tourist Board. Currently he is based in Galle, Sri Lanka. You can contact him at Carat27@hotmail.com.
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